RottiPowah Kennel breeder of Rottweiler dogs in Sweden

RottiPowah Rottweiler Kennel breeder in Sweden

As a breeder of Rottweilers, our main goal is to produce healthy individuals, well suited for work, competition and exhibition. We as Rottweiler breeders, believe that in the complete dog that the Rottweiler is, one does not have to exclude the other. The Rottweiler is a beautiful, powerful working dog. Breeded for work. With good usability. And breeders with the right breeding strategy can produce a beautiful and functional dog, with the capacity to both, work, compete in obedience, protection work, and assert themselves well in the show ring.

In the breeding work and breeding at our kennel, we only use mentally strong individuals from whom we consider to be the best German bloodlines. Our goal and ambition is to add something positive to the Swedish Rottweiler tribe in the long run. Of course, we work according to the Swedish Rottweiler club’s and German ADRK’s breed standard and guidelines in our breeding.

RottiPowah Rottweiler kennel is owned and run by me, Geir Svalland. I have been involved in the “Rottweiler world” with different roles for the last thirty years, and have always had a great interest in the breed. In recent years, the interest in breeding work and breeding has grown stronger, and I made the decision to kick off my own Rottweiler kennel. This is where I think I have the best opportunity to influence and make a difference for the breed.

We collaborate with several highly recognized Swedish kennels and dog trainers, who are also among my personal friends, and have good contacts and a close collaboration with several of the largest and most well-qualified Rottweiler kennels in Germany, and well-known dog trainers in BH tests, IGP tests and ZTP test.

BH testing is mandatory in Germany to qualify for IGP tests and ZTP testing, which is a breeding evaluation. Zuchttauglichkeitsprufung.

You will find our kennel in Malmö, Skåne, Sweden.

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